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I see that pony in the corner there...

Anyhoo, onward to the flash:
For a "grasp" at frame-by-frame animation, this is really good. It's smoothly animated and shaded, well characterized, voiced, and it's funny. These days I can see someone actually doing what the guy in this flash did.
I actually can't think of anything particularly wrong with it, except maybe that the guy's nose looks weird in such a different shade of pink than the rest of his skin. And as for the writing, it's not like the script is long and complex enough to have any plot holes, unless you could find a way to mess up "guy buys art stuffs, cannot art".
Gud jub on this, brah.

You're all good deputies.

I love this. I've watched this quite a few times now and always find myself enjoying it just as much every time. The amimation, though a little odd, always stays smooth. The voice acting is over-the-top but consistently good, and that weird piano in the background enhances the comedic absurdity of this flash.

I, like quite a few other people who watched this, think people are taking this WAY to seriously. People on both sides of the... "debate"?... "Issue"?... Many dedicated fans of MLP consider your animation to be a threat to their collective reputation, while those passionately against it see this obvious parody as a validation of their... "Arguements"?... "Trolling"?... See it as an unaltered truth when in reality it is nothing more than a joke.

This is a funny flash which, like many parodies, stereotypes their target by pointing out minor (or occasionally non-existent) flaws to make something seem more laughable. I am a brony and I enjoyed as much as I do any other good flash, and I also think a lot more people would enjoy it as well if it wasn't for this unnecessary level of hatred towards bronies, and the countless decades of gender/culture stereotyping surrounding the colours on the visible light spectrum.

Good job on making something everyone can love and hate equally.

This is funny.

The animation is amazing on this one (not much of a change then).

p.s. Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper is the worst shit ever put in a can. It's like mouldy dog food on cardboard... In a can.

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Still as relevant as ever.

:The Game: has really evolved over the past three iterations from being a completely nonsensical mess, to a completely nonsensical mess EQUIPPED WITH more pop-culture references than you can shake a hoof at. The very simple yet signature style makes everything fit together, and sits right on the verge of recognizability.
The humour in this game is one of the reasons why I keep playing it. Airport security bacon, Bieber's O-face, pelican fuel, the list goes on. :The Game: has surpassed, quite literally, with flying colours the days when the same white guy would fall off the same green platform over and over with only slight variations in each level (The pseudo-intellectual in me wants to call it "minimalist humour"). Couple the comedy and style with music that could make everything that exists less serious, and you've got a formula for infinite profits.
Now for the gameplay. I'll start with the positive aspects and all that crap:
I really like how the mish-mash of memes were actually implemented as gameplay elements that added to the uniqueness of each level rather than just a costume plastered onto an identical frame. Super Meat Dress, Black Smoke Ke$ha, Angry iPortal Birds, Cullen & Bieber, etc. All of these are good examples of how to actually make something perform differently rather than just look different.
The biggest problem with this game though, is the platforming itself. The basic controls aren't particularly bad, the problem is when something is added to the platforms like, for example, THEY START SPINNING. Fuck, the sudden abrupt change in the orientation of the environment makes it extremely difficult to predict and land a jump at times. And since so many levels involved this element, it did impact the score a little.
In conclusion:
-Awesome game, but make it spin a bit less.
-I type a lot.
-Hooray for ponies! MLP represent!

Wow, umm... I'm gonna go write a novel or something now. Biya.


It's got no sound, the time is cut in half, it's severely repetetive almost instantly.
For a first effort it's not that bad but it has some key areas where upgrades are necessary.

p.s. Francis hates oxygen, too.

igun responds:

i hate oxygen but steel breath..
thank's for review..
i'll upgrade it soon..

Kinda Freaky...

I did it three times in a row and it worked!

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Good, but one flaw.

There is a nice song with a solid kick drum and a good bassline, but the hihat sounds more like sandpaper on a chalkboard than it does an instrument. It's way too loud and hurts the ears. I know it's not just my headphones because I listened on three different pairs (one good pair, other two not so much). The song sounds great, but it's difficult for me to enjoy at any decent volume without hurting myself.
Just change this one thing and it would be fine.

aliaspharow responds:

hmm, that is strange. You might have a problem with your souncard of earphone plugin because i really dont see the problem here. Thanks for the feedback anyhow.

Dark, addictive, and unrelentingly stylish.

Wow, this is near perfect. I'd definitely buy your album almost just for this song alone. It's the audio equivalent of sci-fi apocalyptic detective movie. I'm hoping it sounds even better on the album, too.

One thing ruins it.

At the start, this song sounds very good. It had a solid bassline that sounded like the original, it was very promising. But then that huge kick drum came in. Not only was it so loud it hurt the ears and distorted all of the sound, but it was overused so much it got extremely irritating. To me, this song would be a lot more listenable if that drum was removed completely.

TIMarbury responds:

thx for the review. i think i might have to change that and the kick in general is weak in this track... aside from the fx kick...

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Very Nice

This is a really well done picture, especially since its a speedpainting (it would take me a few hours to get this much done).
I don't know if you used a reference photo or if it was manually drawn up, but the tone of the image is set very well. I like the way only the tops of the mountains and the building are lit, and the addition of just one person works perfect to build a sense of scale.
If there were any critiques I could give of any kind, it would be that the rocks could have been more detailed (it's a speedpainting, so it's not a big deal), the shading on the top right building makes it seem like it's half transparent at first glance, and the windows on the left one would be at a very odd angle if you were actually there. They're perfectly level with the outer edge of the painting, but not the building itself.
Anyways, nice work. This picture has been the background on my Xbox for quite some time now.


I really like this painting, everything looks like what it's supposed to be. The subject matter is rather dark, and yet it's done with the lightest tones of colours, using only shades of red, white, and brown. And the plain white background really adds to the style and conflicting tones of the picture. However I have to say, a T-Rated painting with a bright coloured bunny for a thumbnail really made the actual picture catch me off guard for a moment. No matter how many violent movies I watch, a cut wrist always seems so unsettling to me. :P
Any, good job on this.

Well done!

This is a very well-painted piece, but my only problem with it is the water. Is it frozen? If it's not, then you forgot to add reflections to it, and that's very important. And another thing about the water is the rock it's touching in the picture. It's obvious that the girl is highly elevated. but the rock right beside her blends with it as if it's connected which messes with the perspective.
Everything else looks nice and organic, with a nice feeling of depth. Gud job.

z28ump responds:

The water was just poorly done I'll admit. I was honestly at a loss of what I needed to do to make it look beleiveable, and it ended up never really getting touched. Didn't see the problem with the rock until now though. Thank you for the well thought out review. I appreciate it.

Nothing to see here... Move along.

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